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Woohoo!! Brand New 4 CE Hour Live-in-Person Lecture Presentation Course!

"What's The Fuzz? The Amazing Stories Our Bodies Tell About Healthy Movement, Living Relationships, and Our Vast Human Potential~"

I am booked for March in New York City, NY, Richmond, VA and Charlotte, NC, and in Gainesville, FL in May. Gainesville is now full to capacity!! See you there soon :) After that, maybe your town! I will be listing MANY MORE CITIES SOON! For more information on these exciting and inspiring events, and to enroll, click HERE or on the course image!

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New Online Course Offerings for Professional CE Credit

Now, in addition to my Intensive Hands-On Human Dissection Workshop seminar schedule, you can study integral anatomy with me and earn professional continuing education credit right here! Subscriber Login to Inner Space subscriber features at gilhedley.com

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6 Hour Course
$100.00 USD
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9 Hour Course
$125.00 USD
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1. Purchase one online course, view the other in its entirety for free. How cool is that?!
(NB: CE Certs are issued only for paid courses. To earn credit for both, purchase both.)

2. Your enrollment gives you access to the InnerSpace Reading Room where a number of my published articles are available to read for free! (These articles are only available with your login access.)

Gil's Books (as PDFs, Paper or Hardback, and DVDs

PLAY The Integral Anatomy Series now, online, for free. If you prefer to purchase "hard copies" of The Integral Anatomy Series on DVD disks, just add them to your cart below.

NOTE TO OVERSEAS SHOPPERS: If you REALLY want to have physical product shipped to you overseas, CONTACT ME FIRST with address and items so I can specify shipping costs to your country. Otherwise, the books are available for purchase as PDF files, and the DVDS are available here to watch for free. Thank you for visiting. Enjoy! ~Gil Hedley :-)

Click on product images for item descriptions:

thumbnail of book titled Reconceiving My Body
Reconceiving My Body
thumbnail of book titled Coming Into Form
Coming Into Form
thumbnail of book titled Beyond the Leaving
Beyond the Leaving
thumbnail of book titled The Heart of Service
The Heart of Service
thumbnail of book titled Posts, Vol. 1
Posts, Vol. 1
thumbnail of book titled Posts, Vol. 2
Posts, Vol. 2
thumbnail of four volume dvd set
The Integral Anatomy Series